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What could I do?

What could I do?

I have been working with a wonderful person for two years—we co-teach a preschool classroom. I was all set to work with her again the following school year, and looking forward to it, but two weeks before the school year started, my assignment was changed. My co-teacher was needed somewhere else. My first reaction was shock.  “I don’t want this. We get along very well and build on each other’s strengths.” But there was another need. “What could I do?”

As I meditated on it, I began to see that the world doesn’t revolve around me. There’s a bigger picture and I can either contribute to it in the best way I can or rebel against it and become a burden. That is when I decided that I serve a bigger purpose and can put my comfort aside to explore new territory. I can answer to the need of the moment in a way that will benefit a larger context.

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