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A Broader Objective in Life

A Broader Objective in Life

How would any of us describe a typical day in our life? Usually the first things that come to mind are images involving work, our comings and goings, time spent with our family, or similar concerns. The demands that the exterior world places on us are so great that they practically define our self-image. We see ourselves in action, making decisions and working.

Stress and feelings of frustration sometimes come to us when we see our objectives unfulfilled despite all our efforts. 

Thinking about how many times I have gone down this road, I have found that only focusing my mind on a broader objective could take me outside this emotional tangle and frustration.

But, you could ask, what is a broader objective?

I have asked myself that question, too. For me, it’s something that makes me aware of others, their needs, their suffering, their concerns. It is also something that makes me take care of my surroundings. In other words, I could say that a broader objective is to stop thinking about what is happening to me interiorly, and seeing what exists outside of me.

Giving my life a broader meaning has become the answer for me to all these common life worries and demands. In this way, work, sorrow, pain, and efforts take on different meanings for me, as a result of my struggles to do something for others.

Community life has been for me the right place to concentrate on this offering – but this isn’t an easy thing to do! After many years, I’m still struggling to change the things in myself that prevent a good relationship with others, to keep my mind focused, to be patient, to accept others as they are, to learn to be able to serve ....

But as hard as this can be, there is no longer such a sense of being burdened and stressed-out, but rather a possibility of unfolding and making this world a better place to live.

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