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Seeking Silence

Seeking Silence

4:30 am… lights are flashing… sirens are blasting as I groggily emerge from a deep sleep. And here I thought my day was supposed to begin with a silent meditation.  It’s only the fire alarm. . . again! The fire trucks arrive and several very young men in full firefighting gear run up and down the stairs and halls, checking everything. The chief chuckles to himself and winks my way… it’s a false alarm, but dust in a smoke detector makes a great test run for trainees!

And so the day begins. Where can I find silence in today’s world surrounded by humming, beeping, ringing, honking, blaring, blasting relentless sound. . . where is the silence I yearn for? Where is the silence I think I need so that I can unfold spiritually?

After the dust settles and everyone has left, I realize that in the midst of it all, one place never moves. It is the inner temple born of my vocation that stills and silences all movement. It is the certainty of my place here in Community, accompanied by my spiritual companions, where I can embrace each day of this spiritual journey with joy and inner silence.

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