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Light Oh Resplendent One

Light Oh Resplendent One

Attending the funeral of Rebeca Gurfinkel in June 2015 was a profound experience for me.  I listened to such inspiring words from her daughter Debora Farber, from her three grandchildren Laura, Ryan and Ronnie, from Laura’s husband, Tomas, from her two great-grandchildren Christopher and Jessica and from Debora’s dear husband Sergio. Many other friends and coworkers also spoke.  I could perceive through their words the positive and transformative impact Reva produced in so many areas of their lives.

Personally, I learned about Reva when she was working as a science teacher in a public high school, the way she motivated her students and coworkers to learn and look for solutions to problems. Her beautiful ceremony of Ordination took place in the Community and every time she came to visit, she greeted each member with much affection and respect, and shared her enthusiasm for poetry, singing, teaching and learning. During her 100 year birthday celebration, her gentle smile invited me to be in the loving yet mysterious presence of the Divine.

I was so touched when at her burial site, her Daughter Debora recited the same prayer/poem I say every day during my short morning walk. This poem is attributed to Reva’s beloved late husband and spiritual teacher Abraham Gurfinkel, better known as Gur. 

Light Oh Resplendent One

Light, Oh Resplendent One, the triple flame of my heart.

  That by it my thoughts, acts and feelings be pure.

That the purity of my soul be so great that it allow me to return to the time of my childhood and, trusting, repose on my Divine Mother’s Holy Bosom.

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