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Is it possible to be kind?

Is it possible to be kind?


I decided to be kind when I noticed how people frequently respond to each other.  They forget to care and be gentle and consider others' needs.

Some people can be rough and cruel.

When I was using public transportation, I would see mothers standing with their babies in their arms while those sitting looked the other way.

You can hear people being insulted in airports. In school I witnessed teachers and classmates criticizing others and laughing at their deficiencies.

It was after seeing these behaviors that I realized that change can start with a very simple act of kindness. When I was on a bus, I stood up as soon as I saw somebody needed a seat. I controlled my own anger and negative thoughts and emotions. But I still have a long way to go and I want to learn from you.

In what ways do you show that you are kind? Let me know and we can light up the world with a single act of love. Take good care and keep in touch.

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