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The Domino Effect

The Domino Effect

Spiritual life calls us to know ourselves; experiences potentially lead us in this process of inner unfolding.

Let’s observe the domino effect. Ever experienced someone blowing up in your face? Or, have you done so to someone else? Maybe that someone plays an important role in your life.

Let’s take an analogy: Setting up dominoes requires how much time, compared to how fast they fall? How long does it take to develop a lasting relationship? And, how much time to destroy it?

Also, when upset, who receives our venting? Or, has another person’s anger, frustration, stress, fallen on us? How did we respond? Did we resolve the problem generated? Or, did the emotions take over, each of us separating in a huff, or worse?

Too often the churned emotions result in a domino effect. Each of us involved parts with an emotional charge.   If that uncontrolled pain vents on still another, who had nothing to do with the initial upset, the domino effect continues. We generate it.

What to do? Let’s now step back, taking some distance, by looking from the outside. Acceptance on our part of what happened; that inner process can be difficult.

However, if thoughts and feelings continue to justify our behavior, alienation and separation also continue. What brings us together?

From acceptance emerges our humanness, our vulnerability. Here we nurture inner life by stopping the next domino from falling. We renounce. In this process, our relationships deepen; our capacity to embrace the pain of others expands.

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