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Joy of the Mountain – A day in the Community

Joy of the Mountain – A day in the Community

Mother, Mother,

Divine Mother of the Universe…

One finds at the root of the mountain

That joy, that joy, that indescribable joy

Raising as another sun from the horizon

Behind the golden canopies of other giant trees,

And thought, mind waves cascading down the slope

Majestic graceful mist and light

Ethereal veil of the early morning.

When my eyes open at six AM

And a day of hard work lies ahead,

Long silence, mono-tone prayer,

And solitude

Mountaineer of the spirit I ponder the mountain:


          It is because of the slope; today I’ll try the hardest side.

          It is because of the summit, the magic one

          That slowly rises within

As the adoration hours slide

Under these determined feet.

Mental energy,

Vital strength facing all the impossibilities of life,

And a love that overflows far beyond

The reaches of one’s arms

Stretched in blessing for all souls

When I remember why I am here

The somber shadows of depression flee:

Let’s go forth, let’s make the mountain true

And as the day goes by

The dream materializes from a golden mist

The Temple is no longer a vision, or a building,

It is all there is.

I stand in the joyful mountaintop of the daily chores

          Ready for whatever,

Let’s see what will come next.

          In prayer, silence, offering of life.

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