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Happy ever after?

Happy ever after?

Why do I like movies like Mission Impossible? Well, the impossibility of it all, the thrill, the struggle between good and evil, and the fact that, in the end, all ends well.

In my own life, my Mission Impossible is to attain happiness. And don’t we all take this as our very secret, special mission? In this case, I wouldn’t call it impossible, because some people, and I count myself among them, are happy. But on the other hand, true happiness is not easy to attain since, although we are all at the same starting line of the search for happiness when we begin life, nobody makes it to the finish line without any scratches. . . . For some, to attain happiness is a greater effort than for others. For example: When you weren’t expecting your baby to be born with Down syndrome, or when a four-year-old learns too soon that some people (his parents) can stop loving each other. A 17-year-old can soon know that the world is not an easy place. A bomb maims people, changing their lives forever. And where is happiness? Was it an impossible?

I don’t think happiness is impossible but it does not always express itself as I want it or as I imagine it.  For me, happiness is to make peace with myself and what life gives me: with the dreams I had and could not fulfill, with the people I love who cannot always be like I want them to be, with loss and sickness. When I don’t feel happy because of the things that happen to me, I look at all the good things I have in my life, and at the people who have it worse than me and at all the good I can still do in the world and how much I can love, even if my life is not all I wanted it to be.

And then, I become weightless like a bird. I soar and I am free. Not because life is easy for me but because I am learning as I go--learning how to use the sorrows and the difficulties and to be happy in spite of them.   Happiness is not an impossible. It is just a Mission. It might not come free but is worth the effort.

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Community life, resilience and inner peace

Community life, resilience and inner peace

The work and mission of Cafh is to unfold consciousness in individual human beings by using the Method of Cafh. It helps a person to gradually keep uppermost in mind union with Divine Mother and love for all souls; it helps them to place individual problems in the context of human problems; it helps them to live their yearnings and bring them to the world, in other words the Method gradually makes a person consistent and able to solve human difficulties. 

This mission made sense to me in the depths of my heart and I decided to work for it in my life. I entered a Cafh community and have been there for 34 years. For me this mission was not a natural way of being but I can validate the wisdom of the method. It has helped me to pay attention more and be courageous to look inside and see the limits I put on myself to protect me and my personal way of looking at life. Gradually I have learned to be more vulnerable to life and other people and circumstances. 

It is an ongoing work and I see now that relating harmoniously is cutting edge work for human beings. The flow of life requires so much openness and flexibility to be able to “dance” with it and not end in anger, resentment or discontent.  

Community life gives me a container for daily life in a schedule, spiritual companions who have similar yearnings, a safe and loving environment in which I have developed habits of work, using time well, prayer, reflection, study, etc., that support and strengthen me in the work of fulfilling my mission. Going beyond my limits of defensiveness in this environment is possible—not easy—but possible. Daily I need to do real inner work for unfolding to happen, even in this loving environment. I have learned to make the effort without bargaining with life so much.  

This feel to me like inner freedom. Some call it renouncement to oneself. Solving problems of relationship and fulfilling the needs of everyone to live harmoniously requires this work and offering.  

Through personal guidance, living with established parameters, practicing exercises, healthy living and a stable lifelong practice with like-minded companions Community life fosters inner freedom. Miraculously an awareness of being an integral part of a greater whole awakens.  

Now I can see that Community life is a container for actually offering one’s whole life for the common good but one has to be attentive to use it for that purpose and not for a personal life, since living for myself seems to be the default setting for most of us human beings. 

This work and attention—will and consciousness—makes resilience possible. Whatever experience comes in my life, I have the tools and the strength to work with it and learn to love more and learn more about myself. I have learned to accept the good times and hard times as opportunities to live my mission. I have been able to more frequently not look back toward regret or shame but to offer myself to the present, changing my thoughts, expanding my feelings and doing actions that solve the situation instead of making it worse. 

I have my pace of learning and others have theirs. Community life respects everyone. This has brought a great peace both inwardly and outwardly to my heart. I am gradually uniting integrally with my mission in body, mind and spirit.


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